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Emiru : Found It on Social Networking Porn Nudes 💦

She ain't a land whale like her precious Dygus- oh right it's another fetish she caters to for her fan boys to jack off to.

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Dyrus doesn't seem to care about all the comments Emiru gets because he likes to show her off as an accessory since he's never dated a girl that did the instagram look.

Emiru : Found It on Social Networking Porn Nudes 💦

Kelly Jean likes to defend herself on her own thread too so I guess it makes sense that you would do it too.

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And you're sitting here trying to justify that.

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maybe slightly OT but i feel like dyrus cooking is a bit of a meme because he infamously almost burned the team house down trying to make pizza or some shit like that.

Emiru : Found It on Social Networking Porn Nudes 💦

i really loved her face shape at one point but damn, it really looks unordinary in candids.

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Let's start cocking her and chatting about her guys! I own a pair of these contacts, and anyone who owns them know how thick and constricting they are.

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I noticed the philly guy still talks to her, but I used to wayback machine and saw that he originally was just an anon on her tumblr… he signed his messages "-philly" kek guessing that's how she gets to meet and have her attention quota fulfilled by thirsty neckbeards I mean new friends Oh shit, sorry dude ;-; I just found it higher up in this thread because I wanted to help anon, I'd def credit if I knew I think Pokimane and Emiru were never meant to be friends.

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Emiru launched her channel on 15 May 2015, and has since streamed for 34 hours and has gathered nearly 210,000 followers.