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Queen Dagmar

Also, her use of the word "dark" in "a dark battle" is a subtle callback to the Emperor and Enchantress who say they will need "dark chairs" to sit on while they wait for to turn to the darkness.

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Though the trio helped the Elves defend their home, Elfo was shot by an arrow and died in Bean's arms.

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I like the character arc stuff, and Chaz is one of my favorite side characters in any of the animated shows, but I think a longer season with a few more one off episodes could really help flesh out the characters in a way that's not directly related to the story and get some more of the humor of Futurama and Simpsons• They both have distinct personalities, motivations, dreams, and weaknesses.

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Revival and Betrayal Upon her revival, Dagmar was elated to see her daughter fully grown while all of Dreamland was shocked to see their former queen alive.

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Lacking her mother's guidance, Bean grew into a rebellious teenager with a drinking problem which she attributes to her father.

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Whenever it comes to the stories of princesses in fantasy-themed movies Disney included the age of the young female protagonists is usually a bit cringe-inducing.

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What's Bean's Age in 'Disenchantment'? It's Older Than You Might Think

While Dagmar was abusive with Bean, Dagmar had a portrait of Bean that depicted her as the new queen of Maru painted before she even told Bean about the prophecy and when Bean was still an infant she did things like nursing Bean herself and would often tell her that she will be the greatest woman their kingdom had ever seen, possibly meaning that she truly believes Bean will succeed in breaking the curse and may care about Bean to an extent.

I’ve Been Waiting for ‘Disenchantment’s Princess Bean All My Life