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Adolf Hitler decided otherwise on June 24, 1943, promising the construction of three new Napola.

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In the scientific field, there were almost no nominations of women; in 1942, a woman was not permitted to direct a scientific institute, despite the fact that no male candidate had applied.

Women in Nazi Germany

German woman secretary, in 1938.

Family of Kurdish female fighter seen naked, mutilated in graphic viral video speaks out

In the 1931 September elections, 3 million women voted for NSDAP candidates, almost half of the total of 6.


The "played no political role and did not oppose the loss of hard-won women's rights.

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The end result of this was to increase the intensity of warfare.

Rape of Iraqi women by U.S. soldiers viedo and photo

forces hold more than 14 thousand detainees in four major detention centers , the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Bucca Camp in Umm Qasr, near Basra and Cropper Camp near Baghdad International Airport,and Fort Suse Camp, near Sulaimaniya, as explained by Amnesty International for the year 2006 a report Journalists deaths According to Reporters Without Borders Organization that 98 journalists were killed in Iraq since the invasion, the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory in Iraq, referring 147 Arab iragi and foreign journalists killed in Iraq Foreigners kidnapped at least 439 foreigners have been kidnapped, according to the anti-kidnapping unit of the America Iraqi contractors The number of contractors deaths in Iraq to 338 people, according to the site The end of the tragedy There are hundreds of Iraqi women raped and some of them fled to Jordan, Syria and others were left suffering in Iraq too many of iraqi displaced all over the world , and thousand s of amrican troops were Wounded , killed and many of them Become disabled because of the unjust American war Against Iraq Pictures telling the story of the same a brief word must be mentioned Not every soldier is a hard heart and not every soldier agrees to the policy of his country But honestly I wondered about amrican troops who follows the instructions issued by his superiors, is it important than humanity.

Family of Kurdish female fighter seen naked, mutilated in graphic viral video speaks out

The deceased body of a Kurdish female fighter was defiled in an Afrin battle.

Women in Nazi Germany

The five years of Latin classes and three years of science were replaced by courses in German language and domestic skills training.

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128 , maternity rights art.

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By Robert Hall, May 9, 2021• Even when not raped, women hid in apartments, cellars, and closets for fear of being violated, experiencing hunger, fear, and loneliness which left psychological scars for years to come.