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— Badji Mokhtar 1919—1954 , Algerian revolutionary• Winnifred Kirkland, secretary at the Ontario Department of Mines : 182• — , father of the Hungarian fatherland• Imeni Imangali Biltabanov Aktobe — Imangali Biltabanov 1925—1945 , Kazakh hero• This causes Balint to lack of patience, but she must not try to over analyze herself.

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— Francisco Chicajau, indigenous villager• Alfaro Alajuela — Juan Alfaro Ruiz 1810—1856 , Costa Rican military and hero of the Filibuster war• — 1882—1922 , nom de guerre of Simon Ter-Petrossian• — Ecuadorian author and essayist• state of Lower Saxony —• Briones Montoto Cuba — Antonio Briones Montoto 1940—1967 , Cuban revolutionary• Alfonso Lacayo 1923—1985 , Garifuna physician• — , an officer of the Dominican army in the Dominican War of Independence• Elizavetpol was the name of — Czarina• Myasnikovabad was the name of — , Bolshevik revolutionary• — Alonso Perez de Salazar• Imeni Kirova and Kirova were names of — Sergey Kirov• — , a veteran of the Algerian War of independence• — , one of Russian commanders in Russo-Turkish War 1877—1878• — , Father of the Italian fatherland• Francisco Vela Retahuleu — Ing.

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— Francisco Rodriguez de Rivas 1674—1743 , Captain General of Guatemala• Albertville was the name of —• She needs to develop confidence and a willingness to stand up for what she believes to be right.

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Asentamiento Juan Benito Montoya Copan — Juan Benito Montoya, a peasant leader who was killed in Los Horcones in 1975• , Ontario and — : 163• — , Prime Minister of Australia• Shaumyan-Akhtachi was the name of — Stepan Shahumyan• Ina Balint prefers to give in when she should assert herself.

Ina Balint

Tumanyan was the name of — , writer• — , governor of the Straits Settlements• Vila Robert Williams was the name of -• — son of Liban, Waliso, an Oromo clan Falkland Islands• Lenin, Leninkend, and Leninfeld were names of — Lenin• Swedish: Vasa — King France• San Joaquin Alta Verapaz — , a former president's mother• Bernardino Diaz Ochoa Granada — Bernadino Diaz Ochoa 1941—1971 , a Nicaraguan peasant and revolutionary• — , general of the Habsburg army• — , a Colombian independence hero• — Sir , governor of New South Wales• Maryborough was the name of —• — Niki Takeyoshi 1834—1915 , a Japanese pioneer• — , President of Argentina• — , a leader of the Greek War of Independence• — Nana Takyi Firi Greece Further information:• — , president of Colombia• — Tsukigata Kiyoshi 1847—1895 , Japanese Samurai• — , President of Honduras• Reina 1876—1918 , a Honduran poet and journalist• Ina Balint functions best in a supportive role, guiding the more public person in quiet, unobtrusive, yet essential ways.

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Samed Vurgun was the name of — , Soviet poet• Tour Ina's menu and gain more insight into her personality traits, relationships, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, compatibility with you and with others, and much more.

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— Gaspar Hernandez, a famous Dominican Priest in the war of independence from Haiti• Imeni Kirova was the name of —• Auezov district Almaty — Dr.

Ina Balint

— , Javanese women's rights figure• Stalinstadt state of Brandenburg was the name of — Georgia• Osmonkulov Talas — Iskender Osmonkulov 1907—1992 , Kirghiz socialist workers' hero• — Sheikh Hussein saint , a 13th-century Somali Muslim proselytizer• — , a revolutionary farmer leader• Employees and Sales figures are modelled.

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Imeni Beriya was the name of — Lavrentiy Beria• — Bulgarian officer Nikola Kolev Andreev• — Walpole Chesshyre Fendall 1830—1913• Zhdanov was the name of — Bahamas• — Mavlyut Valguzin, a Tatar peasant• — a Supreme leader, philosopher, revolutionary, and politician• Christiania from 1624 through 1877 and then Kristiania from 1877 through 1925 were the names of — King and Norway• — Sufi saint Shah Fariduddin Masud, a follower of the Chishti order of Ajmer• — Rolando Aguirre Lobo 1918—1948• Kuybyshev was the name of — , Soviet leader• — , a Namibian Politician• — Harry Abbott superintendent : 44• Imeni Beriya was the name of — , Soviet politician and head of the secret police• — Amir Muhammad Ghazi Khan Shaheed died in 1980s• — James Dougal Melville 1841—1909• — , a Quebec politician, writer, lawyer and judge• Kingissepa was the name of — , Estonian revolutionary and communist Eswatini Swaziland• Francisco Murillo Soto Yoro — Prof.