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The yin and yang symbol represents the concept of good and bad.

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Yin Yang Emoji Copy And Paste Black And White

Use the shortcode section to copy the various shortcodes for the Six Petalled Black And White Florette.

Yin Yang Emoji Copy And Paste Black And White

Birth becomes death, and death becomes birth.

Yin Yang Emoji Copy And Paste Black And White

The yin yang emoji can be used for the balance in nature or two opposite forces like good and evil, day and night day being the white part and black being the night , a woman and a man, or two halves that make up a whole.

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The pentagram was a symbol in Ancient Greece and ancient Babylon, symbolizing neo-pagan beliefs, like the Catholic Cross and the Star of David in Judaism.

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It has to do with calling Sao Kim Sao Mai along with bringing light and knowledge.

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This seems to originate from observations made by prehistoric astronomers [4].

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The pentagram is used as a symbol for the word UB to mean corner, edge, small room, hole, pit.

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